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Lollipop Chicken

Do you like chicken legs but hate all those tendons and that annoying extra little bone inside them? Lollipop Chicken is your answer. You...

Greek Chicken Salad

Macros Yields 1035g Serving 175g Cal 285 Carb 5.2g Fat 19.2g Protein 24.5g Fiber 1.4g After we cooked up a small flock of chickens, we...

Herb Smoked Whole Chicken

Take your chicken to a new level with this fresh herb smoke cooking technique. Your chicken is guaranteed to come out juicy and perfect...

Holy Grail Wings

Macros Serving 1 wing Cal 81 Fat 5.4g Carb 0g Protein 7.5g Fiber 0g Have you ever wanted a delicious crispy chicken wing but you can't...

Southern Chicken Sauce

Tired of boring tasteless chicken? Try this tangy and flavorful white sauce the next time you pull out the poultry for a meal. Use it as...

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