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Greek Chicken Salad


Yields 1035g Serving 175g Cal 285 Carb 5.2g Fat 19.2g Protein 24.5g Fiber 1.4g

After we cooked up a small flock of chickens, we were left with some glorious meat that would be blasphemous to let it go to waste. And since I'm always trying to sneak in veggies into anything and everything that we eat, this dish is a win-win for us.

If you want to feel good about what you're eating and tricking your children into eating something actually good for them, then give this one a try.




32g Lemon juice

33g Red Wine Vinegar

64g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

9g Minced Garlic

1 tsp chopped Parsley

1/2 tsp dried Oregano

Salt and Pepper to taste


408g cooked Chicken Breast

162g diced Cucumber

40g diced Red Onion

38g diced Black Olives (optional)

95g diced Red Bell Pepper

61g Avocado

91g Feta crumbles

2g Basil




Place all of the dressing ingredients into a blender or using a hand held emulsifier, blend until all ingredients are incorporated. The Vinegar will settle to the bottom, that is OK. We will add this to the other ingredients and it will all mix nicely.


Chop the cooked chicken breast into small pieces and place in a large bowl. Add the diced cucumber, red onions, black olives and bell pepper. Mix well. Slice the avocado into 1/4 inch chunks. Finely chop the basil. Add the avocado, feta, basil and previously made dressing. Stir to combine. Enjoy with sliced cucumbers or pita bread pieces.

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