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Meet the Rushtons

The Roots

My husband has always amazed me. Now before you roll your eyes and leave the  blog, let me explain why. Everyone is naturally good at something. I truly believe that. Some people are good at sports, while others are good at listening. Some people have an artful eye, while others are musically inclined. And while Kyler is talented at many things, he happens to be really good with food. Like amazingly good. For years I have noticed this talent of his, but we haven't really known what to do with it. Enter Pellet Palate. 

My favorite is when we are watching a cooking show and he says, "I can make that" or "what if we added this" or "you know what would make that even better?" In gleeful anticipation, I wait as he mulls over all his theories and ideas, from the "how to" portion of cooking to the actual execution of the recipe. I think about what would compliment whatever main dish he is concocting and with friends or family gathered around our tiny kitchen, we all enjoy the fruits of Kyler's labor. It's kind of magical- as we look around this small wooden table, and share delicious food and laughs with the people we like the most.    

We hope that our website can be a place where you can come to get ideas and recipes that make your next meal or family gathering that much more memorable. I remember when I married Kyler, my mom explained that we would have a tight budget. She advised me to spend money on the photos and the food because that was what people would remember. And guess what? She was right.  We want to share that piece of wisdom with you through our recipes. We hope that when you use one of our culinary creations, that it leaves you and your family with full bellies and happy hearts. Nothing brings us greater joy than providing that for our family and friends.  And if you're here, I bet you feel the same way. 

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