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What is a Pellet?

Pellets are made from compressed saw dust and are used as the fuel and flavor source in a pellet grill. They come in many different types of wood and provide unique flavor profiles to your food. Pellets are a great eco-friendly cooking option.

Is a Pellet Grill complicated?

Short answer, NO! Long answer, Noooo! It is as easy as using an oven. Push a button or two, set the temperature and push start. The only thing that is complicated is explaining to your friend why you didn't invite them over for dinner.

What can I cook on a Pellet Grill?

Anything you can cook in an oven or on a BBQ grill you can cook in a pellet grill. The great thing about pellet grills is they give your food a real traditional authentic food taste that modern cooking methods have lost. Cook some low and slow BBQ ribs or cook a delicious wood fired pizza, you can do it all on a pellet grill. Check out our Instagram page for some great food ideas.

Are Pellet Grills only for BBQ?

This is a big misconception. Yes you can create great smoked BBQ food on a pellet grill, however, you can also cook full flavored casseroles, pizzas, baked goods and much more.

Are Pellet Grills only for men?

Our goal is to get more women using pellet grills. They are easy, convent and dang it, they make great food! We are hear to end the 'Men use the grill" and "Women use the oven" idea. Now ladies, if your man only cooks on the grill because you "don't know how", we get it. If he knew you were playing possum and could whip up a great piece of meat, he probably wouldn't get off the couch to help again.

How do I start making meals that will blow peoples minds?

You are already in the right place. Follow our blog and try some recipes that stick out to you. We have tried many different recipes, cooking techniques and gimmicks under the sun. Our recipes have kept all the good and none of the bad. Just follow what we recommend and you won't go wrong. You can also submit any question you have through our contact page.

What is Shiggin'

Shiggin' is the act of spying on other cooking competitors at a BBQ competition to learn their cooking secrets. We have watched, read, studied, tried (and failed) many cooking ideas and techniques. You will find "The Shiggin'" section after our recipes. This area will let you know some important parts to pay attention to during the recipe to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your food.

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