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Smoked Bacon Jerky

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Homemade jerky is by far the best kind of jerky you can get. What's better than homemade jerky? Homemade BACON jerky. This is so simple and makes a great snack, topping or quick breakfast addition. Just pop in the microwave for a few seconds and breakfast is served.



1 package of regular cut bacon

Favorite BBQ rub or seasoning

(Optional) White sugar



-Pre heat grill to 165 degrees. We like to use apple or hickory pellets for this cook.

-Lay out regular cut bacon on a cookie sheet or cutting board. (We use regular cut because the thick cut sliced meat dries out and the fat doesn't render enough).

-Sprinkle on seasoning. Do not put too much. Bacon is very fatty and will be overwhelmed with seasoning if you are not careful. If you like a sweet kick, sprinkle on some sugar!

-Place seasoned bacon on grill making sure the pieces do not touch.

-Smoke for 4 to 6 hours or until the meat is dry and fat is soft.

The Shiggin'

Have fun with the seasonings you try. Spread on your favorite BBQ sauce, hot sauce or Sriracha before you season for an added dimension of flavor!

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