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Creamy Low Fat Vinegar Coleslaw


Yields 1620g Serving 135g Cal 47 Fat 0.4g Carbs 10.4g Protein 3.8g Fiber 2.3g



600g Green Cabbage (shredded)

200g Red Cabbage (shredded)

160g Carrots (shredded)

90g Red Onion (diced)

160g Celery (diced)

285g Greek Yogurt

20g Dijon Mustard

30g Swerve Sweetener

60g Apple Cider Vinegar

8g Onion Powder

4g Celery Salt

3g Tabasco



-Shred the cabbages and carrots.

-Keep the red cabbage separate when finished.

-Dice the onion and celery.

-Place the shredded green cabbage, carrots and diced onions and celery in a large bowl. -Mix the other ingredients in a separate bowl.

-When you are ready to serve add the red cabbage and sauce to the other ingredients and combine until well coated. Keeping the red cabbage separate until ready to serve will keep the coleslaw from turning purple.


The Shiggin'

If you want to make this higher fat, replace the greek yogurt with olive oil mayonnaise.

Macros with Olive Oil Mayonnaise

Yields 1620g Serving 135g Cal 112 Fat 8.3g Carbs 11.1g Protein 1.3g Fiber 2.3g

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