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Maple Smoked Salmon

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I have never liked fish. Everything about fish has turned me off- the smell, the look, the small name it, I hated it. Until one glorious day when a family member introduced me to this recipe. You have to believe me when I say THIS IS THE BEST SALMON YOU WILL EVER HAVE! It is sweet and smoky, rich and flaky. It is simple while bursting with flavor. It will take you to a place that will leave you satiated but maybe a little confused. I mean, in what world can fish and maple syrup compliment each other so perfectly? In this crazy dimension even your kids will eat fish! And no, you aren't hallucinating, it really is that good. .



Salmon Filet

Smokehouse Maple seasoning (McCormick)

Maple syrup



Total time - 30 minutes

-Season salmon filet with McCormick's Smokehouse Maple Seasoning. Coat both side evenly. This seasoning is delicious on salmon. I do a nice heavy coat. Don't be scared to put more than you think. I will use a little more than half of a 3.5oz bottle on my filet.

-While your fish is resting, preheat your pellet grill to 425 degrees. We use Alder pellets for this cook. If you don't have Alder you can use Oak or Mesquite pellets.

-When your grill reaches 425 degrees place filet on grill and cook for 15 minutes.

-After 15 minutes, drizzle on some maple syrup and cook for an additional 3 minutes to set the syrup.

-Remove from grill and enjoy!

The Shiggin'

Before drizzling with maple syrup cut the salmon into 4 inch wide slices. This will make it easier to remove from the grill and not fall apart. This salmon is amazing right off the grill, however, I love it even more the next day, cold, right out of the refrigerator.

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